Getting closer....

Thanks to great family, friends and employees we are making great headway towards getting ready to bring up our stock and move our wranglers in. We hope this warm weather melts the snow quickly so we'll have trails to ride!


One week later...

We got to all the cabins only to discover we lost the deck, the tent cabin (where the wranglers bunk) and the satellite TV. It's worse than we anticipated but fortunately we are a family of construction workers with a lot of volunteers to help. We're shooting for a July opening now.



And so it begins.....

We picked up our Operating Plan today from the Department of Forestry, then proceeded on to the Pack Station.  There are few signs of snow melt, but we can start to get into the upper buildings and begin the process of cleaning up the debris Mother Nature left for us this winter.  We are afraid it is going to be a very short season, but we hope to pack as much fun and excitement into it as we can.  Come ride with us!

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