And they're off!

Our first pack trip of the season took off from our Badger Spike station into the Dinkey Wilderness. This is a full service trip so our guests will be treated to Cody's awesome cooking. I suspect some meals will include freshly caught trout. Come let us take you fishing!


Famous Little Pete

35 year old Little Pete has lived with 3 owners of D&F Pack Station. Today he went on his first pack trip of the year and he was raring to go. He is our smallest and spunkiest mule and seems to love his job. D&F would not be the same without our Petey. Stop by and say hello!


Meet Cooky

Meet  "Cooky" , our awesome Camp Cook (also affectionately known as Pop Sing). We awaken each morning to the smell of freshly brewed coffee, sizzling bacon, biscuits and gravy, potatoes, eggs, pancakes - you name it! After work we are treated to Cooky's best BBQ - ribs, tri tip, burgers, and all the side dishes you can imagine. Cooky can prepare the same for you on one of our full service Pack Trips. Come ride with us!


We're open!

The guys got the trail to the lake open and we had our first riders. We still can't get up the mountain trail, but with the heat wave we're having it won't be long. Come ride with us!


Bullwinkle says hi!

We got all the riding stock up to the Pack Station, repairs are almost done, the wranglers have started working and the farrier will come up this week. Now we just have to get the lake trail cleared! We're aiming at being open for at least a one hour ride this weekend, so come on up!