A sad goodbye....

Sunday our beloved Whiskey lost his battle with colic. We treated it aggressively for 3 days but in the end there was nothing to be done other than to let him go peacefully and pain free. Whiskey has safely transported hundreds of children on their first adventure into the High Sierra Wilderness. He was the first horseback ride for many people. We felt secure putting the youngest of riders on him, and on my last ride into the most rugged, steep terrain that leads to Walling Lake, my cowboys put me on Whiskey knowing that he would get me up that hill safely. Whiskey will be forever missed and never forgotten.


Our new babies.....

Two new additions to our D&F family arrived Wednesday.  Outlaw (left) and Ambush (right) just turned 2 years old and are ready to begin training.  With Clifford's help I am going to train my first colt - Outlaw, while Cliff trains Ambush.  We expect they will be working as guide horses next year and then have a long and happy life with their D&F stable mates.  Come say hello to our new babies!


My heroes have always been Cowboys

During the down time at the Pack Station, the cowboys work with the young horses.  I've had two 2-year olds "broken" here.  Our two year old Percheron, Cassidy, took trips to Potter Pass after being ridden just 5 times.  Two year old black and white paint Cheyenne took her second ride to the local saloon!  Clifford and JR make it look easy.....



We took a pack trip up to Twin Lakes, then went above and behind Upper Twin and explored the hidden caves. Signed my first Geocache too! Grandson Hunter and cowboy Cody went all the way through the cave and back. Just one more adventure available to us in our beautiful back yard. Come ride with us!


We made it!

We still can't get to Nellie Lake, but we were able to take the Boy Scouts to Potter's Pass for a great day of horsebackriding and hiking.  Next week - a pack trip to Twin Lakes - finally!  We're hoping Mother Nature will be kind and let us have a long summer.  The Boy Scout Merit Badge program was awesome, the High Sierra Adventure program was quite a success.  Now its time for some pack trips to the back country.  Come ride with us!