The circle of life.

One of our young, healthy and popular horses, Joe Dirt, was found dead in his pasture, most likely a victim of colic. Despite our best efforts, we seem to lose one or two a year to that horrible condition. But we arrived at the ranch on April 3rd to find that Prego had given birth in the night. Josie (registered name will be Princess Josie Star) is adorable, and she and mama are doing great. They will be at the pack station this summer, so come up and say hello!


Front page news!

The story of our rescue horses made the front page of the LA Times (and earlier this year the front page of the Fresno Bee).  We've have gotten a wonderful response, including requests for suggested organizations to send donations.  Check out the article, then come up and visit Comanche and pals.  And while you're there, come ride with us!,0,6508736.story



Forever young!

With the season in full swing, we had to call upon our oldsters to help out. They are a living testament to hard work and the benefits of Purina Senior feed!
36 year old little Pete took two 2 hour lake rides, in the capable hands of cowboy Gavin Barry. 30 year old Filly ( 3rd in line) went on trail rides with her daughter Dandy (leading) and grandson Billy (in the middle behind his mom). Three generations of awesome trail horses. Come ride with us!


The season begins!

We took our first pack trip today.  All the mules got to go on this one!


A second chance at life

We adopted four horses from the CCSPCA.  They had been abandoned and were emaciated.  The CCSPCA did a wonderful job of getting them healthy.  We will take over the job of putting weight back on them, then they will be trained and join our working herd.  They will be up at the pack station this summer, so stop in and say hello to our newest members of D&F Pack Station!