The history of D & F Pack station and stables


In the 10's,teens and 20's Southern CA Edison Company rode out of and used the facility at Deer Creek to conduct surveys in connection with the hydro projects and lakes.

In 1930 Anita Walling sold to Vaud Cunningham the Lake Hotel Company which included 45 head of stock, 30 riding saddles, 42 pack outfits, 4 camp cooking outfits and much more.

They operated until 1945 when the outfit was sold to Dillard and his son, Floyd Fike hence the name     D & F  Pack Station. In 1954 the Fikes bought  Glen Burns' pack station near Billy Creek headquarters and the Badger Flat Spike Station. In 1954 there were 130 head of stock at Huntington Corrals. 

In 1980, Brad Meyers  (a former employee of the Fikes) purchased the operation. In 2009 the Pack Station was sold to the Walker family who has owned and operated it to this day still as D & F Pack Station and Stables.

Their operating facilities consist of a headquarters at Huntington Lake, a site at Badger Flat and one at Edison Lake.